April is Oral, Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Month

Pre-Malignant Lesion Found on the Tongue of a Non-Smoker.  Photo: Dr. C.J. Henley

Oral Cancer screening and prevention is something that we take very seriously at Henley & Kelly. That's why we perform an oral cancer screening (OCS) on every patient, at every visit.  

In the past, oral cancer seemed like it only affected people who were tobacco users.  Today, that is just not true.  According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, the leading cause of oropharyngeal cancer is from Human Papilloma Virus or HPV.  In the United States, 4 out of 5 sexually active people have some form of HPV.  

It is important to note that there are nearly 200 strains of the HPV virus and only 9 of them are associated with cancer.  The vast majority are either cleared by the immune system or cause benign lesions like warts.  

At Henley & Kelly, we stay abreast of the most prevalent issues in oral medicine.  Feel free to speak with anyone on our team if you have any questions regarding oral cancer.