Your old dental fillings probably contain mercury — are they dangerous?

Fox News (9/11) carries an article originally published on Rodale’s Organic Life discussing the safety of mercury in amalgam fillings. The article reports that “large-scale reviews of all the existing research have not found strong evidence of amalgam-filling-related mercury dangers.” The article notes the ADA states that “amalgam is a valuable, viable and safe choice for dental patients,” and the FDA and other national organizations support this position. “Looking at the existing body of evidence, studies don’t support the belief that there would be negative health effects,” says Stefanie Russell, DDS, PhD, a clinical associate professor of epidemiology and health promotion at New York University. “People should not be worried.”

The ADA released a statement last year reaffirming its position that “dental amalgam is a durable, safe and effective cavity-filling option.” provides information for patients about restorative materials.